The Pros and Cons of Standardized Testing

standardized testing concept

If you are one of the parents who has chosen to send your child to a public school in the United States, you will find that there are a number of pros and cons of standardized testing. In other words, there are a number of pros and cons of standardized testing that is there in the United States. You should learn what these are before you decide whether or not standardized testing is right for your child.

The Purpose of Standardized Testing

Standardized testing is the basis for the United States’ evaluation system. This means that all students in the United States will be assessed on a regular basis based on their performance on standardized tests. The goal of this system is to help determine which students are ready for further education, what areas need the most improvement, and how well teachers are performing.

There are some cons to standardized testing. For example, children who are disadvantaged can find it difficult to succeed on a standardized test. Research shows that disadvantaged students have lower academic skills than other students, and also have difficulty paying attention to what is being taught. They are also more prone to procrastination and other problems that result in poor test scores.

On the other hand, studies show that in order to excel at school, children must develop a solid foundation in math and reading. Since many disadvantaged children have difficulty with both reading and math, they can have problems if the foundation in those subjects is not strong. In other words, if they do not get a proper foundation in reading and math, they may not be able to excel in their classes later on. However, once a child has developed these core skills, it is much easier for them to succeed in reading and math.

  • There are also weaknesses to standardized testing.
  • One weakness is that the tests are too short.
  • Because standardized tests are meant to measure how well students are doing now, they are much shorter than the types of tests required in high school.

Instead of having long tests, many states now use a multiple-choice type of test that only takes a few minutes to complete.

Another weak points to standardized testing is that it can negatively impact teachers. Many teachers feel that because they are required to teach in some areas that they will be unable to teach in the other areas if they know that they are being graded on those areas. In addition, teachers do not receive a lot of time to prepare for the tests.

Students also complain that test-taking often gives them anxiety, which in turn leads to decreased learning and failure on the test. Since many students tend to have an emotional state known as test anxiety, this may cause them to procrastinate on other parts of their studies.

Some argue that standardized testing is causing students to not be ready for college, since many students are behind in the learning curve, which means that they are not on a path towards their student’s ability to get through college. It has also been found that when students are behind on the learning curve, they often do not perform well on test taking tasks, such as developing a test plan.

There are also some cons to standardized testing.

While many students enjoy standardized testing, there are some who are offended by it. The United States has recently seen a rise in test protests against standardized testing.

Some of the test takers feel that the tests are designed to make their parents, teachers, and administrators rich, while giving a poor education to their children. The test questions often seem to force the students to be of lower ability, when in fact, this is not the case. Many students do well on standardized tests but fail on the real thing.

Test-takers also feel that standardized testing is incredibly expensive and is unfair to the students who do not do well on the tests. In the United States, students who do poorly on standardized tests, typically lose out on college funding, because they do not pass the standardized test requirements. For these students, standardized testing is a negative experience.

Students in the United States have a lot to say about standardized testing. You should research the pros and cons of standardized testing in the United States and then make up your own mind about whether or not it is right for your child.